Due to Covid-19 we will be temporarily closed.  We will reopen with a new improved restaurant and bar in early February called Route 8 Pub. It will feature our classic pizza recipe, home style American cuisine, with the same comfort you are all used to.  The Liquor Store will just be called Becket Liquor. Sadly the “General Store” name cannot attract the types of chefs I need, and does not accurately describe our business. This decision was long overdue. We are going to turn a bad situation (Covid-19 and no state or gov. assistance) into something great! We are excited to FINALLY announce CANNA CORNER, the first small town dispensary in Western Mass, will also join us in our Grand reopening. Please Stay well and check our Facebook or the website www.route8pub.com for updates and progress on the GRAND reopening.

With Love,

Heather Anello








Route 8 Pub

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